Coolsculpting before and after


Contact us about this procedure Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting Case No : 1 Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting Case No : 2 Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting Case No : 3 Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting Case No : 4 Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting Case No : 5 Before After Procedure : CoolSculpting […]

CoolMini™ before and after

Contact us about this procedure Before After Procedure : CoolMini Case No : 1 Before After Procedure : CoolMini Case No : 2 Before After Procedure : CoolMini Case No : 3 Before After Procedure : CoolMini Case No : 4


CoolMiniTM Chin Fat Reduction CoolMiniTM Chin Fat Reduction Troubled by a Double Chin? Let the CoolMini™ Freeze It Away! CoolSculpting® non-invasive fat reduction has become one of the premier body contouring technologies on the market today, offering a highly effective, non-surgical way to tackle stubborn problem zones such as the abdomen, waist, buttocks, and flanks. […]



What Is CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary fat reduction technique that harnesses the power of cooling to reduce unwanted fatty deposits and reveal a slimmer, sleeker, sexier you! Ideal for stubborn bulges around the abdomen, thighs, flanks, buttocks, or just about anywhere on your body with excess fat, CoolSculpting® treatment can help you achieve a […]

Venus Legacy™


Advanced skin tightening and cellulite reduction Smooth, wrinkle free and cellulite free skin is something that we all strive for. But when moisturizing with over the counter products isn’t doing the trick, then it may be time to look into something else. Magnolia Medical Aesthetics is proud to present the Venus Legacy™. This advanced, state-of-the-art […]

Venus Viva™

Venus Viva™ - Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Effective treatment for acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, rosacea, large pores and uneven skin tone When the skin on your face isn’t looking its best it can be embarrassing to go out in public and even cause low self-esteem. In the past, CO2 laser resurfacing used to be the standard in facial skin rejuvenation […]



FDA-approved non-surgical double chin reduction A pesky bulge underneath the chin that won’t respond to diet and exercise is something that our patients have been expressing concern about. That’s why we decided to offer Kybella. This is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment proven to reduce submental fullness (fat underneath the chin). Book Now FAQs What […]

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical Grade Skincare - Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

ZO® believes the best way to achieve skin health is through science. ZO Skin Health combines innovative approaches, powerful technologies, and productions to bring a new perspective to skincare. The comprehensive solutions for maintaining and creating healthy skin for any skin type, condition, ethnicity, or age. Doctors, clinicians, and scientists create medical-grade skincare from ZO® […]

Natural Growth Factor Injections

Natural Growth Factor Injections in Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Injections of Natural Growth Factors into your face, neck, chest, and hands smooth, plump, and tighten the skin. Natural Growth Factors, when used with microneedling, exfoliate the skin, which allows the growth factors to be absorbed, and results in new cells and tissue regeneration. Natural Growth Factors also help to improve circulation beneath the skin […]


Beautiful woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment. Mesotherapy in Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Microneedling is referred to as collagen induction therapy that uses a special device – either a roller or a pen – to prick the skin with tiny, sterile needles to trigger the skin’s natural healing process and collagen production. Collagen is the natural protein that helps skin maintain structure by holding the skin cells together. […]