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FDA-approved non-surgical double chin reduction A pesky bulge underneath the chin that won’t respond to diet and exercise is something that our patients have been expressing concern about. That’s why we decided to offer Kybella. This is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment proven to reduce submental fullness (fat underneath the chin). Book Now FAQs What […]

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical Grade Skincare - Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

ZO® believes the best way to achieve skin health is through science. ZO Skin Health combines innovative approaches, powerful technologies, and productions to bring a new perspective to skincare. The comprehensive solutions for maintaining and creating healthy skin for any skin type, condition, ethnicity, or age. Doctors, clinicians, and scientists create medical-grade skincare from ZO® […]

Natural Growth Factor Injections

Natural Growth Factor Injections in Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Injections of Natural Growth Factors into your face, neck, chest, and hands smooth, plump, and tighten the skin. Natural Growth Factors, when used with microneedling, exfoliate the skin, which allows the growth factors to be absorbed, and results in new cells and tissue regeneration. Natural Growth Factors also help to improve circulation beneath the skin […]


Beautiful woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment. Mesotherapy in Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Microneedling is referred to as collagen induction therapy that uses a special device – either a roller or a pen – to prick the skin with tiny, sterile needles to trigger the skin’s natural healing process and collagen production. Collagen is the natural protein that helps skin maintain structure by holding the skin cells together. […]


Dysport- Magnolia-Medical-Aesthetics

Dysport or abobotulinumtoxinA is a prescription injection approved by the FDA to smooth small, moderate, and severe frown lines or 11s between the eyebrows. Dysport does not hinder your look or movement it is only designed to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. Dysport is similar to Botox but varies in the amount needed and […]

The Juvederm® Collection

The JUVÉDERM® Collection A dermal filler for every area of facial volume loss If you are experiencing sagging skin, thin lips, deflated cheeks and/or deep folds (smile lines), then our master injector with her collection of dermal fillers at Magnolia may be able to help. We use only the highest quality of dermal fillers on […]

Botox Cosmetic

Cosmetologist makes rejuvenating anti wrinkle injections on the face of a beautiful woman. Female aesthetic cosmetology in a beauty salon.

Botox Cosmetic Reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the upper face Botox has been around for quite some time so we are sure you must have heard of it by now. However, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to this revolutionary, anti-aging injectable product. A lot of people associate Botox with […]

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