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Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic

Reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the upper face

Botox has been around for quite some time so we are sure you must have heard of it by now. However, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to this revolutionary, anti-aging injectable product.

A lot of people associate Botox with all facial plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures. But in reality, it’s only used for a handful of aesthetic concerns.

Botox is a neurotoxin and it is used to relax muscles in the upper part of the face. It’s most commonly used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, in between the eye brows (glabella) and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Botox is injected into the upper facial muscles to relax them.


When making facial expressions like squinting, smiling, frowning etc., our facial muscles are hard at work causing our skin to bunch up in the process. Over time, where the skin bunches, etched lines start to form. And as we get older, our skin cells don’t slough off as quickly and our body stops producing collagen and elastin. This results in the lines staying on our face after the facial expression is made.

After Botox is injected, the muscles start to relax over a period of 3 days to two weeks. This results in our skin not bunching as heavily and an apparent, visual wrinkle reduction.

Not to worry. Your face will not be frozen or have a wind-blown look depending on the appearance you are going for. Some patients prefer to have no movement in the upper part of the face, as others opt for a more natural look. Botox is measured by units and there is a standard protocol for the amount one receives depending on how strong the facial muscles are. However, you can request less units if you like. The key is to communicate with your provider regarding what exact look you are going for. If you aren’t sure what look you want, try to describe what your concerns are when you look in the mirror. Our team of medical professionals will be able to take it from there.

Botox usually lasts 3-6 months in most patients. It definitely varies from patient to patient and depends on how quickly one metabolizes the product.


If you’d like to come in for a Botox treatment with our master injector please give us a call at 951-778-1111 to set an appointment. We can consult with you and perform the treatment on the same day in most cases.

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