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Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow is the gold standard in noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment. It is designed to work with SkinMedica product to deliver rejuvenated, healthy looking and well-nourished skin. Diamond Glow uses a diamond tip wand to provide resurfacing treatments to deep clean and rejuvenate your skin. Diamond Glow Treatment provides exfoliating, extractions, and serums infused into your skin to give you that extra deep cleanliness you need.

The steps to a Diamond Glow Treatment include:


An exclusive diamond glow wand with six exclusive tips coated in diamonds targets your dead skin cells and buffs your skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin renewal.


A patented pneumatic suction using the same diamond glow wand extracts and suctions out all the dirt, oil, and debris filling your pores. As a result, active acne, blackheads, bumpy skin, plus the dirt and oil on the skin that clogs your pores, are flushed away.


Once your skin is thoroughly cleaned and resurfaced and the pores are most receptive, nourishing SkinMedica products with customizable ingredients are infused into your skin.

The Diamond Glow treatment is a 30 minute complete facial. You experience little discomfort, but your will experience tighter, brighter skin, and decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

In about 6-12 weeks, you will continue to see smoother skin as the rough textures fall off. You will also have a gradual reduction in hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and uneven tone.

A great deal of research has gone into the SkinMedica serums which keeps the risk of allergy and skin irritation low. Serums are free of sulfates, parabens, and fragrances. If you do notice side effects like swelling, itching, or severe irritation you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Talk to our provider immediately.


Two to six treatments is all that is needed to give your complexion Diamond Glow.

There is little downtime, and some patients may experience slightly pink skin, which dissipate quickly. Discuss all the possible side effects with your skincare provider.
You can do Botox injections and fillers with a Diamond Glow facial. Combination treatments will give you the maximum aesthetic results.
Even one treatment will refresh your skin for up to six weeks, and you will feel clean and glowing.

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