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Venus Viva™

Venus Viva™

Effective treatment for acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, rosacea, large pores and uneven skin tone

When the skin on your face isn’t looking its best it can be embarrassing to go out in public and even cause low self-esteem. In the past, CO2 laser resurfacing used to be the standard in facial skin rejuvenation but was only good for lighter skin types, and was associated with a painful experience and quite a bit of social downtime.

Now with the Venus Viva™, you can get great results with less discomfort and less downtime. This treatment is also good for all skin types and can treat the following skin concerns:


A handpiece equipped with tiny pins is swept over the skin and delivers Nano Fractional Radiofrequency energy into the targeted areas. This causes tiny, controlled wounds in the dermis where the skin is damaged and prompts it to heal on its own. This results in the body power producing collagen and elastin, therefore healing and improving the areas where the above ailments used to reside.

Some of the benefits of this treatment are as follows:

  • No Surgery
  • Minimal Social Downtime
  • Good for all Skin Types
  • Only 3-4 Treatments
  • Less Discomfort than Traditional Laser Resurfacing
The appearance of redness and the feeling of warmth on your skin is to be expected post treatment. This should last 24 hours but may last longer depending on how aggressive the treatment. Nothing should be applied to the skin post treatment including water. Also, it’s a good idea to stay out of the gym for the first 24 hours as you don’t want sweat on the treated area either.
Patients can enjoy their treatment results to continue to improve over time. However, it may be recommended to come in for a touch up treatment every 6-8 months depending on the patient. An at home skin care regimen may also be recommended and a good UVA/UVB SPF is something that should be used on a daily basis to maintain results.

How do I get started?
Getting started is as easy as giving us a call to set up a free consultation. Pricing structures definitely depend on the area of concern so pricing is not usually disclosed over the phone as we have to examine your skin first. You can reach us at 951-778-1111 or contact us online to set up your appointment.

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